Tube Amplifier Repairs & Mods:

Expert tube amplifier servicing including power tube biasing, high gain mods, low noise preamps, channel switching, effects loop, and more. Boulder/Denver Colorado area
Cost: $75/Hr Contact me for estimates and pricing.

Guitar Pedal Mods & Repairs:

Superior transient response, enhanced bass response, more tube like overdrive response and lower background noise. High quality op-amp and high grade capacitors used in critical tone stages for accurate response. Can mod any pedal for improved dynamic response, wider bandwidth, lower noise, and more tube like response. The skies the limit!
I can also repair your favorite pedal or restore that precious vintage stomp box.
Cost: $75/Hr Contact me for pricing as they vary by level of complexity and time involved

Audio & IT Consulting Services

My experience has spanned working for high end Home Entertainment and Professional Audio companies like Audio Technica and Bose as well as teaching college level courses about microphone and speaker design/applications. I wrote two papers for Audio Engineering Society regarding the optimization of the microphone/mixing console interface and have had extensive experience in live sound applications. More recently I finished classes for implementing Cisco switches, routers and wireless networks which includes IP security camera systems.

I have done Audio and IT consulting work for the following companies:
Dog House Music Studios – Lafayette, CO

Dog House Music

Cleveland Center For Conscious Living – Independence, OH


Cost: Contact me for estimates and pricing.

Video sample is a Marshall JCM800 50 watt tube head with added gain stage (High Gain Mod). Lick is played through stock circuit then with added gain stage engaged.

Guitar Lessons:

Boulder/Denver Colorado area. All styles welcome but specializing in Rock, Metal, Blues, Classical, Spanish Classical, and Music Theory

I have played guitar seriously for over 30 years. During that time I played in a number of rock, blues and heavy metal bands. I studied classical guitar and music theory at Akron University under Stephen Aron and at The University of Miami (Florida) under Jose Passalaqua and Rene Gonzalez. Theory, advanced chords, scales/modes, arpeggios, speed picking and fingerpicking techniques are all part of my expertise.
Contact for pricing and to schedule times.

Some samples of my playing: “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix, “I am a Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen, “Bark at the Moon” by Ozzy and “The First Noel” on classical guitar.