Tube Bass and Guitar Recording Preamp

I was asked by a friend who does session work and gigs in NYC to create a compact and kick-ass sounding tube preamp that can bridge both worlds. This easy to carry preamp features a 12ax7 tube perfect for fattening up your sound in the studio or for live gigs. Controls for gain, master volume, treble, middle, and bass help you dial in your ideal sound from crystal clean to dirty. Added features like ultra high input impedance (ideal for acoustic pickups), unbalanced output (for connecting to power amps), and balanced XLR output with switchable 10 dB pad (ideal for connecting directly to mixing consoles for studio recording or live sound) help you get your tone for any situation. Bass and Guitar voiced versions available.
Photo coming soon.
Prices start at $799. Contact for lead time and availability.

Price: $799.00

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