Obscene Fuzz

I have been getting many requests for a fuzz pedal so I have delivered! I recently added this cool sounding fuzz pedal to the product line. It gives anything from a semi-clean boost to a vintage style fuzz effect. Using a classic design platform but with the additional benefits of a wider range of Fuzz tones and more consistent performance. But wait, I added an "Obscene" switch. Warning!!!! Only go there if you are ready for nasty sustain drenched "obscene" fuuuuuzzzzzzzzz babydoll!

Bass Guitar versions are available (please leave a note in the check out section of paypal), as well as a Germanium transistor version. Please add $20 for the Germanium transistors as they are more expensive and email me first for availability.

Price: $179.00

Shipping: $10.00

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