Halloween Party Pics from Gothic Theater Denver (Kiss Tribute RocKISSity, Crypt Keeper, First Jason (Friday the 13th)




dnmb-78Played a great show on friday Oct 28th at the Gothic Theater with Denver Kiss Tribute “RocKISSity” and featuring John Kassir as the MC (voice of the Crypt Keeper), The Hollow, and First Jason (features Ari Lehman who was the child Jason Vorhees in the first Friday the 13th movie). Was a blast and a perfect Halloween lineup. Got to crank up the Classique 50 amp (’68 Marshall Plexi tone) and the Hot Rod Tubelicious pedal to nail the Ace Frehley tone from the 70’s Kiss albums. Thanks to Bella at Denver Xposer Magazine for the great article, pics and Zaim Audio plug!


Van HellSing 50 Watt Tube Amplifier

The “Van HellSing” Tube Amp is my tribute to another famous “Van” who forever changed the world of guitar with his amazing tone. Finally nailed the tone of his early recordings with that classic well defined crunch and the effortless harmonics that jump right out! It is a souped up Plexi Marshall circuit with a low and high gain inputs. The low gain input is reminiscent of the JCM800 series sound while the high gain gives you all the Van HellSing terror. High quality USA made Heyboer Transformers, audiophile grade polypropylene and silver mica capacitors and point to point wiring help make this a modern classic amp. Effects loop optional and custom colors available. Photo coming soon!
Prices starting at $1899


Classique 50 “Plexi” Replica Just Finished!

Just finished the “Classique 50” Tube Amp which is a ’68 Plexi Marshall replica with the added flexibility of having a tube or solid state rectifier. Get that classic Hendrix, Cream and AC/DC clean to crunch. Effects loop optional and custom colors available.  It is in the red tolex while the Flamethrower 50 (channel switching plexi to hotrod JCM800 tones) is in the classic black tolex. Prices starting at $1699Zaim Audio Guitar Amps 2014


Zaim Audio pedals reviewed in November issue of Guitar Player magazine!

Please check out the new November issue of Guitar Player magazine as reviewed all of my pedals. Pages 121-124 and add on page 158. Big thanks to the staff for finding me and their fun review!
GP review nov 2014 pg1
GP review nov 2014 pg2
GP review nov 2014 pg3


New Products! “FlameThrower 50” Tube Amp and “Hot Rod Metal Tubelicious OD” Pedal Added To Product Line!

Well I have been busy the last several months finishing up my long awaited Tube Amplifier.
“FlameTHrower 50”
I have been doing Tube amp mods for a number of years and this is the culmination of my labors for tone! Plexi style clean channel that goes from crystal clean to classic rock…… foot switchable to a high gain hotrod 800 lead channel that gets you from classic rock to molten metal! Separate master volumes for each channel so you can match levels. Effects loop optional.
Classic amp models available as well as custom head shell colors. Prices starting at $1999.

Also completed a new pedal:
“Hot Rod “METAL” Tubelicious OD”
I decided to Hot Rod my own pedal! Based on the Tubelicious OD but with 3 stages of complex clipping that get you to higher distortion levels while retaining that amplifier type feel. Less output volume than the TOD but you can still get mild overdrive tones at lower levels that explode into high gain metal tones at the turn of a dial. Same control configuration as the Tubelicious OD. Price: $209

Please go to the Products page for more information. Thanks and rock on!!!!!


Zaim Audio Pedals Reviewed In Guitar Player Magazine November Issue!

Some great news: Guitar Player magazine will be doing a review of all of my pedals in their November issue!. Big thanks to their staff for searching out and helping the small businesses out there! Here is a sample from their website:


Zaim Audio pedals at Robb’s Boulder Music!

Just dropped off some pedals at Robb’s Boulder Music in Boulder,CO. If you live in the area you can stop by to check out my pedals and purchase if desired. Big thanks to Mark and Seth for bringing in one of each flavor!


Big Thanks to Bart Provoost at Effects Database

Happy new year!
Sending out a big thanks to Bart Provoost at Effects Database for including my company and product information on their amazing and comprehensive website. I appreciate their quest to find small budding companies and showcase what we do. Here is a link to the website: