New Products! “FlameThrower 50” Tube Amp and “Hot Rod Metal Tubelicious OD” Pedal Added To Product Line!

Well I have been busy the last several months finishing up my long awaited Tube Amplifier.
“FlameTHrower 50”
I have been doing Tube amp mods for a number of years and this is the culmination of my labors for tone! Plexi style clean channel that goes from crystal clean to classic rock…… foot switchable to a high gain hotrod 800 lead channel that gets you from classic rock to molten metal! Separate master volumes for each channel so you can match levels. Effects loop optional.
Classic amp models available as well as custom head shell colors. Prices starting at $1999.

Also completed a new pedal:
“Hot Rod “METAL” Tubelicious OD”
I decided to Hot Rod my own pedal! Based on the Tubelicious OD but with 3 stages of complex clipping that get you to higher distortion levels while retaining that amplifier type feel. Less output volume than the TOD but you can still get mild overdrive tones at lower levels that explode into high gain metal tones at the turn of a dial. Same control configuration as the Tubelicious OD. Price: $209

Please go to the Products page for more information. Thanks and rock on!!!!!

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